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TOPIC 1: Can we use AI in assessment process?

Introduction: This video presents Mr.Martin Robinson, Assistant Director of Assessment at Cambridge Assessment English, who discusses the impact of computer-based testing and artificial intelligence on the future of assessment.

Key Learning Content 1: Find out how artificial inteligence can upgrade the whole learning and assessment process, and how learners  will accept this trend?

Key Learning Content 2: How do we promote the the easy adoption of new teaching and assessment methods, how to help learners more easily get used to new ways of assessing knowledge

Reflection and Transfer: Think about whether your learners perceive game-based assessment methods well, think about what new tools you would implement in their learning?

Closing Remarks

Many universities around the world are beginning to work hard on artificial intelligence, creating new forms of feedback, testing and evaluation. This is not a new phenomenon, but the popularity of artificial intelligence is rapidly gaining followers, and very soon we may witness completely unknown training methods and approaches.

TOPIC 2: What is Athena Quotient for
assessment in private organizations?

Introduction: This video presents a high-quality, pre-employment testing tool for judging personality, useful for different types of organizations.

Key Learning Content 1: What online assessment tools do HR departments use? Would they also be useful in the learning process?

Key Learning Content 2:How to adapt business tools to training tools, do they have common points, how can they be useful?

Reflection and Transfer: Assessment of knowledge is not only a method applied in schools and universities. Many private organizations already use online tools to assess the knowledge of their candidates. Consider preparing your students for a future assessment by their future employers?

Closing Remarks

Some assessment platforms are made  with care and unequalled expertise to help people develop their skills and meet compliance standards. Online assessment tools help organizations and their people to improve their performance and safely meet their compliance requirements.

Assessing staff pre-hire, assessing a variety of skills across business function, testing the impact of training etc, are are everyday tasks for private companies. Finding points of contact in the tools used by educational institutions and the tools used by businesses can enrich the knowledge of teachers and learners.