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TOPIC 1: Enjoy and the dark side of social networks


Case Study Title: 220 Enjoy fals accounts

Duration of Activity: 15 minutes

Learning Outcome:

Be aware:

  • the importance of personal data,
  • pay attention to all personal information that is published on social networks
  • you may be accused of a crime not committed by you

Aim of activity: With this case study you will understand that it is necessary to pay attention to all the contents that are shared on social networks and is necessary pay attention to personal data.

Case Study

It all began on New Year’s Eve 2020 in Milan when a FIAT 500 from Enjoy, one of the best-known car-sharing companies, hit a column of parked vehicles. All the occupants on the vehicle fled, leaving the scene of the event. Obviously, the authorities have opened an investigation. The investigation revealed that the car had been rented with a fake account, the data of which was stolen by a person totally unrelated to the fact. The perpetrator of the scam was a young Milan resident who managed 220 fake Enjoy accounts.

To activate an Enjoy account, you need a driving license, a telephone number and a credit card. Licenses were easily found on the social profiles of novice users who imprudently posted them online. The telephone utilities to obtain the PIN in order to complete the account were attributable to foreign SIM CARDs or also assigned to unsuspecting people. Lastly, for credit cards where the cost of the rental transaction was charged, “virtual payment cards” were used with very few cents available and associated with the scammer’s physical card.

Key Take-Aways: 

It is necessary to raise awareness of the risks that a particularly light behavior in sharing one’s personal information exposes web users.


  • Question 1: Do you think you too have had a particularly light behavior in sharing your personal information?
  • Question 2: Do you think the victims of this case study are also responsible for identity theft?