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TOPIC 1: Micro Learning 1

Introduction: This video presents how popups can trigger different challenges for web users and can put the user in danger online.

Key Learning Content 1: to understand how social networks have definitely changed the way we relate to others and to ourselves, modifying, in some ways, the perception of reality, be it objective or subjective.

Key Learning Content 2:Learn what can be done about inappropriate pop ups

Reflection and Transfer: Reflect about how you can protect yourself from dangerous pop up.

Closing Remarks

Popups are very common. Some come as a result of your browsing history and can be harmless, however some can be dangerous to the web user. By merely clicking on the link and going to the website, just by going there, you can end up downloading malware, which is a software that is specifically designed to disrupt, damage, or gain unauthorised access to a computer system.

TOPIC 2: Micro Learning 2


This video presents information about passwords and why they are important.

Key Learning Content 1: Gain knowledge about passwords

Key Learning Content 2: Learning about what is needed to create a strong password and what you need to avoid when creating a password

Reflection and Transfer:

Reflect on whether your passwords across websites are strong and think of how to make them strong if this is necessary. This will enable you to be more protected against the risks of being a victim of security breach and data fraud.

Closing Remarks

Passwords provide the first line of defence against unauthorised access to your computer and personal information. The stronger your password, the more protected your computer will be from hackers and malicious software. You should maintain strong passwords for all accounts on your computer.