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TOPIC 1: What is digital identity?

Introduction: This video is created in a whiteboard animation style. A sketch-like graphic of a computer screen appears and introduces the concept of Digital Identity

Key Learning Content 1: Understanding what digital identity is, and why it is important to understand it.

Be aware that digital identity is created by how we present ourselves and how we are seen by others, both in personal and professional contexts.

Key Learning Content 2: How do we create a digital identity and the various steps to follow

Reflection and Transfer:Reflect on your digital image and how much it represents us.

Closing Remarks

While authenticity is important, what we see online does not always reflect how a person is in the real world. Keep in mind that a digital identity is a curated image of a person that does not always reflect their whole self. The online world can even contain false identities that differ drastically from who the people behind them really are. 

TOPIC 2: Main social networks


In January 2022 the published a broad global survey on internet users aged 16 to 64.

The following graphic shows the main reasons for using social media:

Key Learning Content 1:

Understanding the role of social media in our daily life.

Why do we use social media?

Key Learning Content 2:

Reflecting about the personal use one makes of social media.

What role does social media have on daily use?

Reflection and Transfer:

Reflect on your personal use of social media in terms of time spent and the reasons for such activity. The following questions might help to guide your reflection activity:

  • Which of the reasons on the first graphics do you share as a personal motif to use social media?
  • Choose 5 of the reasons included on the first graphic to explain your use of social media and rate them based on their relevance.
  • How much time do you spend daily on social media?

Which social media do you use more?

The next graphic shows the main social media apps used worldwide:

Also, the following infographic shows the time spent by users on different social media channels: