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TOPIC 1: What is an educational robot?


This video presents the future of the learning process where robots will be introduced in one form or another.

Тhe educator-student-robot relationship is visible

Key Learning Content 1:Find out how robots can help with learning, see how they behave in real-world environments and how learners  accept them

Key Learning Content 2:How do we create the right atmosphere for teamwork through a robot

Reflection and Transfer: Reflect about whether and for what you can use a robot with your students

Closing Remarks

 Аchieving success in a new field improves students’ self-awareness, and their interaction with robots can have other positive effects such as increasing creativity, adaptability and stimulating proactive behavior in the classroom.

Cognitive skills that are positively influenced by educational robots are responsibility, order and a more optimal development of spatial perception and relationships between objects.

TOPIC 2: What is a mind map and how to use it ?

Introduction: This video presents how to easily create a mind-map based on your studies. 

Key Learning Content 1: Find out how to use these cards in your daily life, whether you are comfortable using them for study, for easy visualization or even to organize your daily schedule. Many studies have shown that visualization helps recall information easily. Consider alternative uses for mind map.

Key Learning Content 2: How to adapt the use of the right colors to make mind maps easier to perceive.

Reflection and Transfer: Consider where and whether it is appropriate to use mind maps to help students? Are these mind maps applicable to people with disabilities and where to use them when working with students with any type of disability?

Closing Remarks

Unlike traditional note-taking or linear text, in mind maps information is structured in a way that resembles how our brains actually work.

Because it is an activity that is both analytical and artistic, it engages our brain in a much richer way, aiding in all of its cognitive functions.

They enable us to express our thoughts and ideas and present complex concepts in a creative and organized way. They can be applied in every aspect of life.