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TOPIC 1: Digital Reputation

Toolkit Topic:Digital Reputation

Case Study Title:Losing your job for a post on Facebook, the impact of social media on life

Duration of Activity: 15 minutes

Learning Outcome:

Be aware:

– the importance of digital reputation,

– because of a post on Facebook you can lose the job

– it is almost impossible to separate real life from virtual one

Aim of activity: With this case study you will understand that it is necessary to pay attention to all the contents that are shared on social networks and how much these can affect our real life.

Case Study

He writes an offensive post against Greta Thunberg on Facebook and is fired by the company for which he works as a coach. His name is Tommaso Casalini and, after having addressed her as “t …” he had invited the young environmental activist to prostitute herself. The seriousness of what is written is evident, such that US Grosseto 2019 has decided not to make use of his collaboration anymore. The offensive post had been highlighted by an Italian journalist and had been around the web in a few hours.

The removal was made public through Facebook itself: “Following what appeared on social media, the Unione Sportiva Grosseto 1912 announces the dismissal of the Giovanissimi A assistant coach, Tommaso Casalini, for a behavior not in keeping with the line drawn by the company which focuses on moral values ​​even before technical values ​​- they wrote -. Given the gravity of what was stated by Mr. Casalini, the company has taken steps to relieve the same from the office with immediate effect, completely dissociating itself from the statements read on Facebook, reserving the right to take legal action to protect its image in the appropriate places “. 

Key Take-Aways: 

Losing your job due to a Facebook post is possible and adults need to be educated and informed about this risk


  • Question 1: Did you know that it is possible to lose your job through a Facebook post?
  • Question 2: Do you think you’ve ever posted content that could have put your work at risk?