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TOPIC 1: How common is cyberbullying among adults?

Toolkit Topic: Cyberbullying of/by adults

Case Study Title: A story about cyberbullying among adults

Duration of Activity: 15 minutes

Learning Outcome: This case study will show how common cyberbullying among adults is and which social media platforms are the source for it. Also, to find out what a person who is cyberbullied could do.

Aim of activity: The training is intended for individuals who have experienced cyberbullying or for individuals who do not know how cyberbullying begins, continues, and has an impact on the lives of the victims. 

Most victims of cyberbullying do not know how to back off and escape from it. Therefore, this training will allow them to admit and say that it is difficult to live with this situation. During the training, we will help you find out what influences it, how to live with it, and which social networks are the greatest source of cyberbullying.

Case Study

So, for example this is one situation about cyberbullying between adults:

“”A group of boys who I met through my hall of residence have always had a thing against me. I appeared to be outgoing, happy, confident and loud. I always stood up for myself. What they didn’t know is that I suffered from a mild depression from issues in my past. After constantly saying mean stuff and making mean gestures to me whenever they saw me or I came up in conversation they decided to make a Facebook group for a ‘leaving party’ for me, even though everybody knew they did not like me. I am going on a unit exchange and they said this was for me and sarcastically talked about how sad they will be and how they will cope without me. Everybody knew it was a joke, they publicly humiliated me and expressed their hate for me.

I was very very distressed and my confidence was and still is lowered. I was diagnosed with severe depression and have had suicidal thoughts which i am working on to get better. It has been a month and not one of them has apologized, my mother and father are furious and want me to go to the proctor of my university about it or the police but I am unsure if they could do anything about it. I thought when I got to university this would stop but it has gotten worse and I do not know what action I should take against them but I am scared that they will do it to someone weaker to me and this could be very, very bad.”” – 19 year-old boy from NZ

Key Take-Aways: Cyberbullying is one form of bullying that takes place online, on social networks. Cyberbullying is believed to be common among young people. However, adults are increasingly facing cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a complex process that has serious consequences for the victim. One of their health problems, such as or worsening mental health problems, sleep problems or thoughts of suicide or self-harm. The essential help to stop cyberbullying is to talk about it with trusted persons, block, report, and getting support for any issues that may have been caused due to cyberbullying.


  • Why does cyberbullying happen?
  • What is the effect of cyberbullying on the victim?
  • How does a person’s behavior change when they are exposed to cyberbullying?


Toolkit Topic: Cyberbullying of/by adults

Case Study Title: Effects of cyberbullying

Duration of Activity: 15 minutes

The Course of the Activity: The facilitator shows the group of a cut out of a person (it has to be a big cut out, the size of a flip chart paper) and asks the group to name it. Then the facilitator insults the cut out person and crumples a part of its body (e.g. arm). The cut out person is then being passed out in the room and all the participants are insulting and crimping it. At the end, the cut out person should be one crumpled paper-ball.

The next step of this activity is to apologise to the cut out person and iron/straighten a part of its body with each apology.

Aim of activity: This activity is intended for learners to learn the effects that cyberbullying can have on the victim.

Key Take-Aways: After the activity we can see that the cut out person is no longer the same as it used to be.


  • Discuss how deep even little words can hurt 
  • Discuss how a person is left all crumpled and life  goes on 
  • Some things might seem little or funny even but a person experiencing can be highly affected even if they don’t show it